Mert Ozcan is a prolific music producer, engineer and mixer. He has worked with artists in genres spanning R&B, Soul, Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz and Latin music. He is capable of working in any medium whether it be analog tape or the latest piece of technology available for music production.

“Each artist is unique in what they are trying to achieve with their art and I take it upon myself to make sure that we achieve that goal together.”

After working as chief engineer at House of Rock, a recording studio designed and built by Grammy-Award Winning Producer and Mixer Jack Joseph Puig and Blue Microphones, Mert moved on to work at Interscope Records Studios for a year. He now owns his own Production Company and Recording Studio - The Record House. For more information regarding The Record House, please visit www.the-record-house.com

He has a B.M. from Berklee College of Music where he majored in Music Production and Engineering. He was selected to be in the first group of Wadhams Music Production Scholars. As such he had the opportunity to visit the iconic studios in the UK such as Abbey Road and Mark Knopfler’s British Grove Studio and work with David Hentschel (George Harrison, Elton John, Frank Zappa, Genesis, Queen) and Hugh Padgham (Sting, Phil Collins, The Police, XTC, and Peter Gabriel).

Mert Ozcan provides invaluable insight and direction to the artists he works with and inspires them with his creative approach.

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